The holidays have begun and the sun is shining, giving you the perfect opportunity to get your children active this summer.

However, for those who do not know where to start, we have some tips to motivate your kids to get moving over the next few weeks.


– Track their steps

If your little ones prefer to stay indoors playing computer games and chatting with their friends online, you might find it difficult to encourage them to go outdoors and break a sweat.

However, they might be tempted if you entice them with a gift. Many parents are buying devices that track their children’s steps and activity levels, as these are great at getting your kids to move more.

The Fitbit Ace is specifically designed for children, as it has a large face, small straps for little wrists, can withstand plenty of wear and tear, and is available in a couple of fun colours.

Children who like to be competitive can try and boost their goals by moving more, and can share and compare the figures with their friends.

A review by the Express says: “This is one of the best trackers for children on the market and our ten-year-old has given it a giant thumbs up.”


– Enrol in a camp

Both parents and children can find the lack of routine during the summer holidays daunting, which is why enrolling kids in camps is such a great idea. Not only does it provide childcare to enable mums and dads to take fewer days off work during the long break, but it also allows children to meet up or make new friends and have something to do every day for a week or two.

Some of the most popular activities are sports related ones, including summer football camps in London, as these are packed with fun events. They are also fantastic at getting children into sports who might not have enjoyed team games at school, offering a different experience to school PE lessons.

They are also good at encouraging kids to be active, making exercise and team sports lots of fun.


– Explore nature

One of the best ways to get kids moving is to simply get out of the house and explore the natural environment. We have been so lucky with the weather this summer, having enjoyed an unprecedented heatwave for the last few weeks, making this the perfect time to be outside.

Britain boasts thousands of green spaces for you to choose from, as well as 200 National Trust gardens to explore that are perfect to cycle, walk, scoot or run around.

You can also find free activities that are being run at your local park this summer by looking at the ParkLives website, where you can discover a huge range of activities being held on your doorstep, including balance bike workshops, running groups, parkour, mountain boarding and learning how to skate.