“I have so much to thank the STURRIDGE FOOTBALL ACADEMY for. Before I joined the academy I was sold the pro dream by another UK company They took over £20,000 of my families money and returned nothing, which left me heartbroken and my family has torn apart as I’m just a kid from Freetown, Sierra Leon. I was welcomed from day one at the STURRIDGE FOOTBALL ACADEMY, they gave me a tracksuit, training kit, and even bought me a pair of boots when mine split and didn’t charge me anything! The staff are amazing, they really push you to the limits and focus on players needs first. I highly recommend the academy to anyone wanting to experience football in England.”


“My name is Gillani St. Bernard, from the little “spice island” in the Caribbean called Grenada. Growing up in a world of football, adapting to the sport was easy. In the year 2015, I linked up with well-educated scout, who recommend the STURRIDGE FOOTBALL ACADEMY located in the UK. From the first greeting at the academy, I felt very welcomed and comfortable. STURRIDGE FOOTBALL ACADEMY offers the level of training required to become “top talent” which is beneficial to the players and for the staff’s proud moments.”


“The STURRIDGE FOOTBALL ACADEMY has provided me with a platform from which to propel my footballing dreams. I live in Botswana and have always held ambitions to experience football in England. Whilst on a visit to the UK during 2015, I saw a tweet from Daniel Sturridge advertising trial dates for his Academy. Contact was made and the service I received was quick and extremely helpful. I trialed and then continued to train with the Academy for 3 weeks. During my time I was lucky enough to play against a professional English Academy and score two goals. As a result of my strong performance, I was recognized by this club’s head of recruitment which was very pleasing. THE STURRIDGE ACADEMY provided me with outstanding coaching and a service of care which I had never received prior to or since my time there”


Established in 2014, the STURRIDGE FOOTBALL ACADEMY assists young athletes achieve their aspirations of becoming footballers. Aside from football, we believe that education plays a vital part in the development of each player, which is why we have created opportunities and pathways for players upon graduation of the course.